Xavier Rudd & the United Nations

In Concert Brisbane

Photo by Joe Pehrson.

Xavier Rudd & the United Nations

Words by Rachel Trevarthen

Xavier Rudd and the United Nations weave musical ballads of ancestral twine. They speak to a time when humans were a part of the landscape, no more controlling of it than a feather in the wind.

Xavier Rudd and the music-inspired movement he creates is a beacon of strength and hope in modern day Australia’s effort to bridge gaps in inter-cultural and environmental understanding.

Coming from humble roots as a solo singer-songwriter, playing guitar, drums and didgeridoo, Xavier’s songs have long touched the hearts and minds of Australian people.

Flags in Concert

Photo by Joe Pehrson.

Now he is accompanied by the tour de force of the United Nations, a group of musicians from all corners of the globe, representing the cultures of Australia, Indigenous Australia, South Africa, Samoa, Germany and Papua New Guinea. They have expanded into a breath taking live show that makes one sit back and reflect on where we have come from and the spirit that unites all people, no matter their country or creed.

Xavier Rudd and the United Nations are currently touring the world as part of their Nanna tour. They’ve been all throughout Europe and for the second half of 2015 are travelling again around Australia and then onto the USA and Canada as part of the Flag North American tour.

Wielding words and music of both spiritual and political power, their music reminds us of the importance of listening to our ancestors, of respecting the land and people’s we come from and creating a place for spirit.

The title of their recent album Nanna speaks to a deep respect for the sacred feminine and our elders, a celebration of the sacred creation of new life and for Nannas past and present.

xavier-rudd-united nations

Do yourself and your fellow humans a favour and get along to see Xavier Rudd and the United Nations. You will leave smiling, filled with joy and a renewed recognition that what unites us is far greater than what separates.


For Tour dates and more inXavier Rudd and United Nations_Source xavierrudd.comformation click here.

Xavier Rudd in Melbourne

Photo by Joe Pehrson.

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