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Wirrpanda Foundation2The Wirrpanda Foundation is committed to leading a social service paradigm shift for Aboriginal people by engaging and empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians to make well-informed life choices. The Wirrpanda Foundation is acutely aware that the factors influencing whether people and communities are socially included or excluded are multi-faceted and multi-dimensional.

The Wirrpanda Foundation (WF) has operated as a not-for-Wirrpanda Foundation3profit charity since 2005, and understands the needs and complex issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia, particularly in our areas of operation. The success of our programs relies heavily on our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mentors developing, delivering and managing these programs.

Telephone: +61 8 9242 6700
Email: admin@wf.org.au




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