Wagga Torres Strait Islander Dance Company


Wagga Torres Strait Islander Dance Company

The name Wagga originates from the village of St Paul’s on Moa Island, in the Western group of the Torres Strait Islands, which is traditionally named ‘Wagga’.

During the 1970’s the company was known as the Waiben Dance Company. Later in the 1980’s the company changed name to the Torres Strait Islander Dance Company and was the first incorporated Torres Strait Islander dance company in Australia. In 1997 the company settled on the title of Wagga Dance Company, acknowledging its cultural heritage.

Wagga Dance Company now boasts one of only a few Indigenous professional dance troupes in South East Queensland, being of 5th generation and including adult male, adult female, and junior dance teams.

Leaving the islands many years ago their culture is still practiced on mainland Australia in order to show the beauty of their cultural heritage to others.


For booking info call: +61 437 183 475


Feature picture by Mick Richards for Clancestry 2014.
Photos left courtesy of Black Drum Productions.



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