Top Five Eco-Tourism Destinations in Australia


Top Five Eco-Tourism Destinations in Australia

Words by Austin Small

In the age of city farms and community gardens, rooftop bee hives and wind farming, industries the world over are conspiring to create more environmentally-friendly business models. The tourism industry is no exception. Australians in particular are proud custodians of uniquely unvarnished natural beauty and a menagerie of exclusive flora and fauna, and are therefore beginning to turn around environmental exploitation and put the health of the environment before economic interests.

“Australians …are proud custodians”

  • For those seeking to experience Australia’s famous marine wildlife, Adrenalin Dive Townsville has a selection of hands-on diving experiences around the SS Yongala wreck – a national historic site – to get a genuine feel for Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
  • If wetsuits aren’t your thing, Wilderness Getaways in WA offer 4WD tours of some of Australia’s most spell-binding scenery, from the Valley of the Giants through to the coastline of Torndirrup National Park.
  • Experiencing Mother Nature’s attempt at bee-hive sculpture, the Bungle Bungle Range, need not be at the expense of the local ecosphere, with APT Wilderness Lodges providing certified eco-friendly accommodation and rich cultural insight.
  • Viator Tours operating in the Daintree Rainforest offers small groups of eco-tourists the chance to enjoy guided walks and cruises with indigenous landowners.
  • In South East Queensland, Sunset Safaris take visitors around the scenic Fraser Island, getting a tour of Australia’s famous coastline and the one of a kind ecosystem of the island itself.

“Cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation”

EcoTourism Australia is taking the initiative to educate and share with people “a primary focus on conserving natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation” with an incentive that is not exclusively economic optimisation.

After all, most of us live within several hours drive of the most sustainable and accessible Seaworld anywhere. It’s called the Australian coast!





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