The Land of Blue Skies and Untouched Wilderness


The Land of Blue Skies and Untouched Wilderness

Words by Melanie Groves

“Is it possible to travel anywhere that still feels untouched?”

The world is becoming progressively more connected with remote regions more accessible than ever to travel to. In this increasingly globalised world is it possible to travel anywhere that still feels untouched? Relatively untouched by modernisation, by the encroaching western world and their traditions and habits, Mongolia feels like it is part of another century. Particularly outside the capital city Ulaanbaatar, Mongolians still live a unique and traditional nomadic lifestyle.

“Perfect for Nature lovers and adventurous travellers”

Mongolia’s countryside is perfect for nature lovers and adventurous travellers, with gorgeous scenery and unique cultures. The countryside is stunningly picturesque and diverse- ranging from rocky snow-cDSCN4154apped mountains, sand dunes and deserts, grassy steppes carpeted with wildflowers, alpine forests and babbling streams. The hardy nomadic families are tight-knit, with their tents (known as gers) often found in clusters of three and four. They live sustainably, a pastoral way of life with their livestock. Cultural tradition dictates that unparalleled hospitality is shown by all- a necessity for those wanting to traverse the large distances.

If there is one way to travel Mongolia, it’s by horseback. Horses have been integral to the survival of the local nomadic people for centuries. Famous Mongolian Genghis Khan and his armies won wars and conquered empires on their tough little horses.P7010042

Despite being so remote, Mongolia is remarkably easy to get to. Flights to Mongolia are daily via Korea, China, Russia and Japan, with the most convenient stopovers for Australians being either Beijing or Seoul.

“Mongolia must be seen to be believed”

The raw beauty of Mongolia must be seen to be believed, an adventure destination for the brave and curious. To see an untamed beauty and be completely immersed in a culture so unlike our own, head to the magical realm of Mongolia.

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