Shinju Matsuri


Shinju Matsuri2Shinju Matsuri rekindles the excitement and romance of Broome’s early days of being a world-renowned producer of South Sea Pearls that came from the Maxima Pinctada giant Pearl Shell. These giant pearl shells were used for mother of pearl buttons and the bi product of this was the highly sort after natural white pearls.  The shells grew well in the pristine and isolated waters of the Kimberley coast. Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Koepangers, Filipino and Europeans flocked to Broome from the late 1800’s to be a part of this prosperity.

This unique multicultural population of pearl industry Shinju Matsuri3workers joined with the local Aboriginal people and Europeans to work on up to 400 Pearling Luggers that sailed out of Broome. This influence on architecture and the local cultures contributed to the spirit and energy that is still present in the exotic town of Broome today.

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