Ndoto Afrika


Ndoto Afrika2Ndoto Afrika is a small team of volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. We have a long term view and
believe that supporting communities from a grass roots initiative encourages growth and positive change and enables self sufficiency.

Ndoto Afrika was founded by Bridie Cochrane in 2013. Bridie has a long history with Afrika, her mother being from Ndoto Afrika3Zimbabwe, she traveled several times as a child and teenager to visit family.

In early 2013 Bridie returned to Afrika to visit different villages and projects in order to make connections and plans for work that would be carried out through Ndoto Afrika. Her journey saw her meet many passionate people who had strong ideas about creating a safe, humane and sustainable future for Afrika. Strong partnerships were for formed and plans for Ndoto Afrika’s first projects were recognised.

Telephone: +61 423 259 940


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