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National Indigenous Times2The National Indigenous Times first hit the streets on February 27, 2002. The paper is staffed and owned by Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians and we are proud of the dedicated team of predominantly Indigenous Australian writers and columnists who contribute to the publication. It does not, and has never, received Government grants or funding. We continue to rely upon the good will and support of our readers and advertisers and we have continued to adopt a publishing mantra of publishing without fear or favour.

One of our primary goals is to bridge the knowledge gap for mainstream Australians of the aspirations of Indigenous Australians. We want to keep informing all Australians of the social and political issues affecting Indigenous Australians and to promote to them the many positive achievements in business, academia, sport and community life generally of Indigenous Australians.

National Indigenous Times3The National Indigenous Times is the first and only weekly national newspaper that focuses specifically on Indigenous issues. Our publication is on sale every Wednesday and it is distributed throughout every State and Territory of Australia, including the Torres Strait Islands.

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