Moogahlin Performing Arts Incorporated


Moogahlin Performing Arts Incorporated3Moogahlin (Muu-gaarl-in) is a Yuin/Bundjalung word meaning to play, to fool about.

Moogahlin Performing Arts Incorporated was formed in Redfern N.S.W. in November 2007, in honour of the late Kevin Smith’s request, and in memory of the founding members of the Black Theatre.

Moogahlin is a vibrant and inclusive artistic meeting place that the communities of Redfern and Waterloo recognise as a safe and nurturing environment to share their stories with Moogahlin Performing Arts Incorporated2respect to cultural practices.

Moogahlin aims to create and tell community-based stories, develop a comprehensive youth theatre and produce distinctive, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary performance works.

Moogahlin supports both emerging and established Aboriginal performing artists, nurturing work created, produced and performed by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people.

Telephone: +61 2 8571 9096


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