Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia (MASCA), Queensland


3MASCA Queensland is a non-profit body that ensures the welfare of Malaysian students in Queensland. We also organize activities that will enhance students’ experiences whilst studying here. Some of these events include sports activities, cultural events such as theatre as well as intellectual discussions. Our community consist of multiracial backgrounds; thus our representatives are also from various 4races in the spirit of our country. We ensure that our activities cater to the diverse community.

MASCA Queensland consists of a council that is represented by 12 individuals. The council members are chosen by the local Malaysian Students Organizations (MSOs) who are MASCA Queensland’s respected affiliates. Our council have specific officers that specifies in Sports, Career, Student Empowerment, Cultural Affairs, and Welfare. Along with the5 MSOs, we aid Malaysian students in having the best experience overseas while also preparing them to become prodigious individuals to give back to our home country.





Watch MASCA Queensland’s 2016 videos and more here:


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