Kuroyamakai – Jodo and Iaido


Kuroyamakai - Jodo and IaidoBased in Canberra, the Kuroyama (Black Mountain) Kai is a group dedicated to the study of the authentic Japanese martial arts of Jodo and Iaido in accordance with the Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei (ZNKR). Named after Black Mountain, a central feature of Canberra, in 2007 the group was formed at the base of the mountain, training at the Sports and Recreation Association (SRA) of the Australian National University (ANU).Kuroyamakai - Jodo and Iaido2

The ZNKR or (All Japan Kendo Federation) styles of Iaido and Jodo, sometimes called Seitei Iaido and Jodo, are amongst the most widely practised styles of Jodo and swordsmanship in the world. The group is an approved club of the ACT Kendo Renmei which is affiliated with the Australian Kendo Renmei, the internationally recognised, governing body for Kendo, Seitei Iaido and Seitei Jodo in Australia.

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Watch Jodo and Iaido Championships Highlights and more here:

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