Kingdom of Morocco

Kingdom of Morocco

Morocco is slightly larger than the state of California, and lies in northern Africa just south of the Strait of Gibraltar. Its bordering countries are Spain to the north, Algeria to the east, and the disputed Western Sahara territory to the south.

Al Maghrib, the Arabic name for Morocco, means “far west” or “where the sun sets.” When the Arabs first arrived in northern Africa in the seventh century C.E. , Morocco was believed to be the westernmost point in the world. At that time, the Maghrib region included the countries that are today Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. The countries of the MORBA copyMaghrib share many common historical and cultural features.

Nearly 99 percent of Moroccans are Sunni Muslim. Moroccans are tolerant of the small percentage of Christians and Jews living in the country, believing they worship the same God.

The current population of Morocco is approximately 30 million, half of whom are under the age of nineteen.

To find out more contact:

Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco
17 Terrigal Crescent
O’Malley ACT 2606
+61 2 6290 0755


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