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JEANETTE FABILASpecialising in Indigenous contemporary dance Jeanette is a teacher, choreographer, cultural consultant and performing artist. Her experience spans over 20 years of performing and teaching audiences locally, nationally and internationally about her Aboriginal heritage. Major highlights as a performer/choreographer include:


  • 1996 Atlanta Olympics Flag Handover Ceremony
  • 2000 Centenary of Federation,
  • 2001 Goodwill Games
  • 2004 Leah Purcell’s’ ‘Black Chicks Talking’ Theatre Production,
  • Kite Theatres; ‘Kese Solwata’ Children’s Theatre Production 2006
  • In 2008, Welcome to Country Ceremony at the 42nd Parliament House in preparation for the National Apology, as well as Marilyn Miller’s; ‘Quinkan’ and Gail Mabo’s; ‘Koiki’ Theatre Productions at the 2008 Dreaming Festival.
  • Sing Sing Productions in 1996, 2006, 2007, and 2008 with a tour in 2009 to New Zealand in March; the USA in May and APAM in February 2010.
  • 2011 Choreographed and Performed for the Dalai Lama Conference, Brisbane
  • As a trainer at the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts, she has choreographed for; National NAIDOC Ball in 2009; annual Performances and Graduation ceremonies as cultural consultant for over a decade; lead up to the 1st Cultural exchange to Paraty, Brazil in 2010. In 2012 and 2013 was Cultural Coordinator at ACPA, initiating ACPA’s involvement in CLANCESTRY productions;Opening Ceremony of the BRISBANE FESTIVAL; QLD POETRY FESTIVAL and many others including Corporate Events over the many years.
  • 2015 Co choreographer for Qld Music Festival Logan Production, ‘Under this Sky’; Initiated workshops for ARTIE launches in State schools across Brisbane; Logan Library JEANETTE FABILA2School Holiday Programs for Under 8’s and NAIDOC Week Celebrations.
  • 2016 Choreographed the Indigenous Contemporary section for the NRL Indigenous All Star Opening Ceremony in collaboration with Nunukul Yuggera Aboriginal Dance Troupe and Students from Hymba Yumba Education Hub.
  • ARTIE and Beyond Broncos programs delivering Cultural awareness workshops through dance for their launches in 13 State High schools across Brisbane
  • Guest lecturer for the World Dance Unit at QUT Creative Industries which she has delivered for 15 years.
  • She is currently developing Indigenous Contemporary Dance groups in schools across Brisbane for their NAIDOC Celebrations in between her own performances.


JEANETTE FABILA3Jeanette’s workshops encourage her students to learn and share their own Indigenous experiences with their peers, and identify their own connection to the “land” and “animals” of Australia. Students gain an understanding of Aboriginal mainland culture and Torres Strait Island culture through Indigenous Contemporary dances they will learn in the sessions.

Jeanette includes special messages through audience participation to ensure an understanding of our Indigenous culture. By increasing awareness and respect of all nations and their cultural ways, Jeanette captures her audience, through an innovative style that encompasses the next generation in the hope that we will all educate, look after and maintain Mother Earth together.


Please note that due to the Cultural Protocols and sensitivity of Indigenous Cultures, the repertoire passed on to my students cannot be used for any performances unless the choreographer or arts worker involved is informed and gives permission for the event. This may include a revisit by the choreographer (pending funding) to prepare them for the performance so that the level of authenticity and respect is maintained by our students.


Jeanette’s performance, includes her totem as the Willy Wagtail to remind and bring to all, special messages through audience participation, to ensure an understanding of Indigenous culture by increasing respect of all cultural ways by capturing her audience, and taking them on a journey through the eyes of Indigenous Custodians, in the hope that we can all educate, retain and maintain Mother Earth together….for future generations.

She has an ability to create Indigenous Contemporary Performance’s to incorporate various themes required for particular events whilst maintaining the essence of her cultural background in a contemporary style thus leaving her audiences with a message…and a connection.

Jeanette also utilises other respected colleagues and engages New emerging artists to continue to pass on some of the Oldest Educational tools passed on to her by all her tutors and Elders past and present, she has been blessed to work with.


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