Holi Festival Of Colours Melbourne


Holi Festival Of Colours Melbourne2On July 29, 2012 it started: In Berlin, many people gathered for the first Holi Festival Of Colours Europe and caused an indescribable atmosphere on an unforgettable day! The Facebook fan base grew, the media interest was huge and the Spirit of the festival was supported by the whole of Germany.

After 18 successful events thus far the European Holi Festival Of Colours Tour is coming to an end. There are still a few festivals to go though. Starting in Oktober the Holi Festival Of Colours will be going on a world tour. A couple of the dates have Holi Festival Of Colours Melbourne3already been fixed, with more to come over the next few weeks.

For the second Holi Festival Of Colours in Australia in Melbourne we are back at the great location from last year – THE SIDNEY MYER MUSIC BOWL! It will be even more colourful! We will have more colour! There will be more stalls! Even better line up! We will make the summer 2016 an unforgettable and experience a feeling of Woodstock!


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