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GETANO began his musical apprenticeship amongst the mangroves and the creek beds, daydreaming; creating poems, melodies and songs, which were to form his first compositions.

As a Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller and Entertainer for well over 35 years, GETANO has been described as highly passionate, poignant, and often humorous.

A Narrator of Life Stories’ – GETANO is an Award Winning and Celebrated Singer, Songwriter and Storyteller of Scottish and Torres Strait Islander descent.

GETANO’s songs are a fusion of poignant moments, lethal insight and real passion. As GETANO translates his mixed heritage and life experience into judicious, emotional and engaging songs.

His songs are a rich blend and mixture of musical styles including Latin, Blues, Soul, Funk, Ballads, Reggae and Rock. GETANO intertwines family stories, cultural perspectives, life lessons, self-reflective moments and gallops of humour, which makes a performance of irresistible listening and entertaining moments.

“One of my greatest passions is meeting interesting people, from fascinating and diverse places, listening to their ‘Life Stories’, as these stories help to enrich my life and inspire me to see what the world is truly about, and hopefully through my music I can inspire and enrich the lives of others along way” – GETANO.

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