Germany has the largest population of any country in western Europe and also the largest economy. Despite its long history, the nation of Germany is one of the newest in Europe, much younger than the United States of America.

Until being unified as Prussia in 1871, the area we now call Germany was a quiltwork of many small kingdoms, duchies and principalities. That is one reason that even today, Germans tend to take their identity more from their local region, dialect and traditions and less from any sense Germany2of national patriotism.

A little over 60% of Germans identify as Christians, with the two main Christian churches, the Catholics (die Katholiken) and the Protestants (mostly Lutherans, die Evangelischen), at about 30% each. However, certain geographic areas of Germany tend to have more Catholics or Protestants.

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Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
119 Empire Circuit
Yarralumla ACT 2600
+61 2 6270 1911


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