Filipino Australian Multicultural Association Inc. (FAMAS Perth)


Filipino Australian Multicultural Association Inc. (FAMAS Perth)2The Filipino-Australian Multicultural Association Incorporated (FAMAS) is a non for profit organisation which aims to:

Promote cross-cultural awareness, Filipino heritage, culture and traditions through various community activities;

Promote awareness and encourage discussion on health issues; Encourage our youth to participate in the activities of the community;

Filipino Australian Multicultural Association Inc. (FAMAS Perth)3To raise funds and make donations for charitable and community purposes; Help and encourage new migrants to integrate with the Australian community;

Enhance understanding and relationships between Filipinos and other groups in Australia regardless of age, ethnic origin, ability, sex, belief or political affiliation while recognising the value of our many differences and preserving the culture of the Filipino people in Australia for the benefit of a diverse Australian society.

Telephone: +61 420 920 525


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