Festival Tales of Sahara


Festival Tales of Sahara2Tales of Sahara is an international festival of dance and culture of the oriental countries (Egypt, India, Persia …) and is held annually in Brno. Established in 2010 as a follow-up to the one-day seminar with a dance performance, which has for several years held a dancer and teacher Sheyla (Tereza Klementová). In 2008, Cairo Dreams in 2009. Glamour Orient. Compared to the original festival performances recorded certain changes and grew into an international 5-day festival with a rich program.

The main program includes training seminars with foreign Festival Tales of Sahara3lecturers, exhibitions, demonstrations of arts, oriental goods and taste Arabic dishes. Each year we have a chance (just) beginning dancers and groups to present the so-called. “Open stage”, which takes place as part of Friday’s program Opening night.

Emphasis is placed on authentic dances all submissions and considering are chosen and guests of the festival, because quality is our top priority.

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