Desert Feet Tour


Desert Feet Tour3Desert Feet Tour is a Music Project; Using the arts to create Educational and Musical opportunities in Remote Communities but also to create greater Cultural Awareness.

Staging events in remote/isolated communities, performance opportunities for musicians in remote areas; Bringing musicians, performers, and talent to perform for the communities; Staging events with national level acts, to create exposure for the artists we unearth; Recording, producing, and promoting musicians from remote Indigenous communities. See Desert Feet Records (DFR), not-for-profitDesert Feet Tour2 record label in Australia for musicians in remote areas.

We teach basic sight-reading, song writing and music theory classes. We deliver healthy lifestyle messages in the song writing, in partnership with Diabetes WA. We help existing artists to develop their workshop presentation skills.We produce recordings/demos of songs created in workshops / classes.

Telephone: +61 417 697 900




Watch Highlights and more here:

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