Czech Republic

Czech Republic

The term “Czech” refers to the cultural characteristics of the Czech-speaking inhabitants of the Czech Republic ( Česká republika ), which includes Bohemia ( Čechy ), the larger western part, and Moravia ( Morava ), the eastern part.

The population of the Czech Republic is about 10.5 million. The tendency of Czechs to move from rural areas to cities predates the founding of the nation in 1918. As a consequence, Prague has continued to grow steadily even though the national population is virtually stationary, and now has about 1.2 million in population. Czech Republic2

Precise numbers of the members of various denominations are not available; approximate percentages are Roman Catholics, 40%; Protestants, 4 to 5%; Orthodox, 1%; and uncommitted, atheists, and agnostics, 54%.

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Embassy of the Czech Republic
8 Culgoa Circuit
O’Malley ACT 2606
+61 2 6290 1386


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