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CQUniversity Australia2CQUniversity is among Australia’s most engaged universities and throughout the years has formed valuable partnerships with government, community and industry groups, right across the national university footprint and overseas.

For many years CQUniversity has also been Australia’s most accessible and inclusive university and this is something we pride ourselves on. We are home to a diverse student cohort, from many backgrounds, including recent school leavers, international students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander CQUniversity Australia3students, students studying by distance education in remote locations, and mums and dads balancing study, work and family commitments – a mix that makes this University unique, vibrant and in touch with the real world.

CQUniversity is a university like no other. We are one of Australia’s most comprehensive universities, offering hundreds of programs and courses, across many study areas. From short courses to research higher degrees – CQUniversity truly enables anyone to be what they want to be.

Telephone: +61 7 4930 9000 or View Location Listing



Watch their Welcome to CQUniversity videos and more here:

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