Camping in Croatia – Your Next Getaway?


orebic1Camping in Croatia – Your Next Getaway?

Words by Melanie Groves

Croatia is rapidly becoming known as one of Europe’s most fashionable destinations. Not only is it blessed with stunning natural riches, like 2000km of rocky coastline and more than a thousand islands set in crystal clear water, but also a rich culture and cuisine, topped off by a classy bar and restaurant scene.

“Blessed with stunning natural riches…”Croatia_04

Croatia has come a long way since the early 1990’s, when within the space of half a decade, communism fell, a war commenced and they subsequently secured independence. Now, any tourist can sense the national pride from the friendly locals as they showcase the colourful culture and good life on offer in Croatia.

Along with Croatia’s growing popularity amongst travellers is the increase of excellent campsites, ideal for a unique (and cheaper) getaway in an incredible country. Quaint beachside campsites are quickly becoming preferable to the trailer cities that are dominant in the north of Croatia.

“Excellent campsites, ideal for a unique (and cheaper) getaway in an incredible country…”

The facilities of such quaint campsites are improving too, with Wi-Fi and hot water becoming easily accessible and making your stay even more comfortable.

SIBW’s top five Croatian campsites come with a small caveat- don’t forget to take a decent mattress and try to not bend your tent pegs- Croatia’s beaches are renowned for their rocky ground.

  1. Monika, Molunat: This idyllic beachside holiday destination is just 35 kilometres from Dubrovnik. Monika is one of five sites in the village, sheltered amongst olive trees south of the main beach.
  2. Kamp Lili, Jagodna, Hvar: Kamp Lili is a family run site, set in a stretch of coast that overlooks stunning sloping vineyards and cliffs. It is slightly laborious to reach, as the roads to Hvar are winding and pass through a somewhat scary single lane tunnel. Be aware, but enjoy.
  3. Camping Jasenovo, Žaborić-Jasenovo: Situated on a gorgeous stretch of coastline that is often overlooked, Jasenovo is in the tiny coastal town of Žaborić, just 15 kilometres south east of Šibenik.
  4. Camping Medveja, Medveja: Medveja has been long known as one of the best beaches in north Croatia. It’s now home to numerous beach bars, jet skis and sun loungers, but it’s still a beautiful spot to play. If you have had enough of beaches, there is also a well-used walking trail that takes you to the peak of the imposing mountain ridge that frames this stretch of coastline.
  5. Antony Boy, Viganj, Pelješac: perfect for water-sport fans, Viganj is well known as a windsurfing village, with tourism largely being campsite based. Antony Boy is one of the best equipped sites, with facilities for children and bicycle rentals being among the activities.


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