Cairns Disaster Coordination Centre


Cairns Disaster Coordination Centre

The Cairns region is a beautiful, tropical area that is vulnerable to natural disasters. We are cyclone and flood prone. We’re neighbours to an old volcanic landscape in the Tablelands. We live very close to the sea and extensive areas of bush. There is one main road in and out.

So it’s important to be ready should a disaster occurs

This means:

Knowing the risks
Preparing your property before the cyclone season
Cairns Disaster Coordination Centre2Having an emergency plan for yourself, your family and your pets
Having an emergency kit with at least 3 days of supplies
Knowing your evacuation routes
We encourage residents and visitors to follow the Plan. Pack. Listen approach.

Plan:Make an emergency plan

Pack:Pack an emergency kit

Listen: Stay informed

Telephone: +61 7 4044 3377


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