Byron Latin Fiesta


Byron Latin Fiesta2Byron Bay is a small coastal village in the far north east of New South Wales. The resident population swells by three or four times in the popular summer holidays and some other peak times during the year.

The Latin American countries are rich in song and dance. Take a blend of Native Indian, African and Spanish cultures, mixed and shaken, and voila!! You have a potent, intoxicating cocktail of dance and music. This recipe for fun and the coming together of people from all walks of life is spreading Byron Latin Fiesta3around the world at a feverish rate.

The Byron Latin Fiesta focus is on the essence of Latin music and dance and therefore it take’s a rather grass roots approach to what it offer’s. Byron Bay has a long history of a grass roots approach. This helps to retain a connection to the pulse that inspires all things new. It is one of the main reasons that we feel that Byron Bay is the perfect place for a Latin Fiesta. That and the fact that Byron Bay is as close to Latin America (geographically speaking) as you can get in Australia!

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