Brisbane Ethnic & Multicultural Arts Centre (BEMAC)


Brisbane Ethnic & Multicultural Arts Centre (BEMAC)

As the lead agency in Queensland for the development, presentation, promotion and advocacy of arts by migrant and refugee artists and their communities, BEMAC’s core business is as a service provider, producer and advocate for cultural diversity in the arts through the provision of a comprehensive annual program.

BEMAC Annual Program is defined by the following delivery streams:

At Your Service

BEMAC’s day-to-day core services include:  Bookings / agency service,  Contracted programming and Event Production, Referral Service, Marketing Service, Auspice Service,  Grants assistance, Artistic careers guidance service and  Volunteering and work-placements opportunities.

Art 4 All

Community engagement with the arts is the purpose of this stream.   Projects are community driven arts and cultural projects engaging professional artists and arts-workers to work with communities to “tell a story” of significance to that community / individual.

Projects may be developed and delivered in any art form; including music, dance, theatre, writing/story telling, media, visual arts/crafts, etc


Sector development and an education, training and professional development program is key to BEMAC’s ongoing mandate to ensure sustainable careers in the arts for culturally diverse artists and arts-workers. A range of platforms are available including targeted training program such as Music Biz and industry opportunities such as conferences and forum and cross-cultural training programs.

3P – Produce, Promote and Present

A BEMAC produced, robust calendar of key events, showcasing both the range and quality of culturally diverse performance arts across Queensland and from interstate, including a range of events, festivals, shows and exhibitions.


Whilst these delivery streams remain static, the projects, events, activities within these streams are fluid and based on sector demand or community identified desire or need and the capacity of the organisation to resource the project.


Telephone: +61 7 3391 4433






Watch the Ethno Music Festival here:

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