Boggo Road Jail Markets


Boggo Road Jail Markets3The Boggo Road Jail Markets at Dutton Park is a unique day out. Held in the inner city suburb of Dutton Park it is on every Sunday from 7am to 1pm.

There is a wonderful opportunity to taste ethnic cuisine and to save dollars on fresh fruit and vegetables, to buy clothing both new and second hand plants, flowers, crafts and furniture.

There is also plenty of entertainment with live music and Boggo Road Jail Markets2historical tours of the old jail.

This convenient centralized Market has free parking for shoppers.

New Marketeers are most welcome to apply.

When: Every Sunday. 7am – 1pm
Where: Old Boggo Road Jail – Annerley Rd, Dutton Park

Telephone: +61 7 3870 2807



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