Beautiful & Diverse as India Herself – Dance Masala


Beautiful & Diverse as India Herself – Dance Maslider3sala

Every once in a while, parts of Brisbane are transformed into a little India, filled with the wafting smells of tandoori chicken while the latest Bollywood tracks boom and people dance in the streets. The Indian population of Brisbane showcase the diversity of their culture at annual events such as Diwali, India Day Festival and Holi, with the setup of Indian Bazaars, live music and dancing, henna body art and food stalls. Dance performances by troupes such as Dance Masala go late into the night, showcasing the best Brisbane has to offer of the energetic and exciting dance that is Bollywood dance.

“energetic and exciting dance”

Dance Masala was created in December of 2012 with the vision to respectfully and authentically pay homage to Indian culture through excelling in Bollywood dance.

Dance Masala is proud to be a reflection of multicultural society and engage a wide-range of ethnicities in Bollywood Dance. They believe in creating diversity, honouring hard work, and building a culture of respect in our classes. They help promote and share Indian culture in Australia.

“share Indian culture in Australia.”

Bring-Bollywood-to-your-Doorstep-our-performance-team-is-ready-to-electrify-the-stage-at-your-next-eventBollywood is a technical, diverse and profound art form, as beautiful and diverse as India herself. Bollywood draws from many influences, and Dance Masala is proud to be ‘pure Bollywood’, a lively fusion of Indian and Western dance. They believe in the tradition of dance storytelling, and the importance of dancing with intention and purpose. Dance Masala hope to inspire our students strive for excellence in technique, performance, and expression.   Although Bollywood choreography is not “free licence” like a dance like the Macarena, they acknowledge that there is a vast existing repertoire of Bollywood steps. The choreography has two main intentions: –

  1. Homage: they seek to transport our audience by referencing specific cinematic moments through the use of ‘signature steps’ and very occasional dance covers and;
  2. Originality: to create powerful, emotive and joyous performances, through original and exciting choreography.

“a lively fusion of Indian and Western dance”

In meeting with its cultural responsibilities, Dance Masala invests in building relationships with the Indian community, and giving back to the Indian community through regularly performing at cultural events.385321_543320959014447_1788554644_n

“an awesome way to get fit”

The importance of sharing culture is a direct influence of Dance Masala, with Andrea, the director, choreographer, owner and principal dancer of Dance Masala discussing multiculturalism as the acceptance of the culture in others. “As Brisbane is such a culturally diverse society, it is so important to allow people the freedom to express their own identity.”

Andrea also talks about the benefits of Bollywood dancing beyond sharing the culture: “Bollywood is an awesome way to get fit, and train your brain while doing it. The steps are fun, infectious and, at the same time, do gentle left-brain, right-brain coaching. It’s awesome for improving your memory and cognitive function, and is sure to get you smiling.”slider4

Dance Masala will be performing at Woodford Folk Festival on the 27th, 28th and 29th of December.

To find out more about Dance Masala go to:

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And YouTube.

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