Asian Australian Film Forum & Network (AAFFN)


Asian Australian Film Forum & Network 2The Asian Australian Film Forum and Network (AAFFN) is an exciting and empowering new network that aims to showcase Asian Australian films and screen talent both on and behind the screen, including Asian Australian actors, producers, directors, writers, screen artists and film scholars. Additionally, we are also keen to create inclusive spaces and generate cross-over dialogues and broader conversations with a range of Australians who work with and support this community.

Along with film screening events, our aim is to bring together and develop a national network of creative practitioners, Asian Australian Film Forum & Network 3educators and cultural community workers, industry people, community groups, students and academics, bloggers and film fan ‘zine makers, creators of YouTube and new media content, and  both emerging and established artists looking for peer networking via discussions, workshops and other collaborations.





Watch Asian AustralianFF interviews here:

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Our Values

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