ArtsHub2ArtsHub is Australia’s leading portal for professionals working within the arts, where a community of approximately 80,000 registered users; 13,000 premium members; and hundreds of dedicated contributors read, write and share their knowledge and passion for the industry.

Since its launch in 2000 as a small weekly jobs bulletin covering the performing arts, ArtsHub has continued to grow organically in both size and scope.

As part of our service to individual members, we post hundreds of jobs in the arts every month and supply members ArtsHub3with the tools and information they need to get ahead. Due to the size and nature of our audience, positions often appear on ArtsHub either first, or exclusively.

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Our Values

Our Values SIBW is underpinned by the following values: Leadership Integrity Partnership Respect Diversity Commitment Accountability Transparency; and Professionalism While there is diversity between Indigenous ...