Anahata Balinese Dance


Anahata Balinese Dance

1488211_550170968462947_905394720306488815_nPake-kostum-sama-anak2-(780x800)Jane Ahlstrand previously studied Balinese dance at the Indonesian Institute of Art in Denpasar Bali on a scholarship from the Indonesian government. Jane has since returned to Australia where she is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland in Indonesian studies.

Jane now works with and trains a group of talented performers in Brisbane who are all passionate about promoting Balinese dance as an art form in Australia. She and her dance partner, Gede, also from the Indonesian Institute of Art, also perform a romantic courtship dance together called Oleg Tamulilingan (the dance of the bumblebees).

Jane hopes that her love of Balinese dance can help to build strong bonds with others and promote greater cooperation between Australia and Indonesia.

Jane shares her experience of learning, teaching and performing Balinese dance through her blog – click here to view now.


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