Adventure Travel in New Zealand


Adventure Travel in New Zealand

Words by Melanie Groves

Seeking an adventurous getaway? New Zealand should be one of the first destinations on your list! World famous for great outdoor getaways, New Zealand has unspoilt natural beauty that makes it everyone’s playground. Not sure what strikes your fancy? New Zealand has options for everyone.

  1. first-light-nzHiking (known in New Zealand as tramping). New Zealand’s national parks have some of the most scenic single and multi-day hikes in the world. Explore the high, misty mountains, green forests, black and white sandy beaches and endless waterfalls. We can guarantee you won’t want to leave.

Visit Hiking New Zealand here.

  1. bungee_jumping_new_zealand.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoBungy jumping. With the first commercial bungy jumping company in New Zealand opening in the 80’s, New Zealand has since become home to this adrenaline rush of and activity. All around the country you can leap from cliffs, stadium roofs and bridges. The highest is the Nevis bungy with an incredible 134 meter drop.

Find out more about bungy jumping New Zealand here.

  1. Shotover-Jet-Queenstown21Jet boating. Jet boating in New Zealand will take you on an exhilarating trip through shallow gorges, occasionally even touching cliff walls. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Find out more about jet boating New Zealand here.

  1. Rebecca skydiving in New ZealandWho doesn’t want to throw themselves out of a perfectly good plane? The view alone should be a good enough reason, with a bird’s eye view of snow-capped mountains, blue lakes or volcanic landscapes and huge oceans. There are numerous skydiving organisations in NZ that offer quality tandem dives with experienced skydivers who ensure a safe (and fun!) dive.

Find out more about skydiving New Zealand here.

  1. Alpine-Adventure-Fox-HeliservicesThink to go skiing you have to go to Japan, Canada or the French Alps? Wrong. New Zealand’s south island has nine commercial ski fields, all with dramatic views. New Zealand’s ski fields have something for both the beginner and more experienced skiers, with plenty of range with open bowls and gentle slopes, but also heli-skiing and off-piste for the brave.

Find out more about skiing New Zealand here.



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