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Aboriginal Art Galerie Brit's Art & PromotionWe want to bring you the fascination and passion that will not let go us for a stay of several years in Australia for the art and culture of the country, close. We distinguish ourselves by personal contact with the artists that we represent. We may participate in your life story and pursue your artistic career in Australia.

Brit’s Art & Promotion was established in 1995 in Melbourne, Australia. Today the gallery is represented in Melbourne and Übach-Palenberg.

We are since 1999 European Partner of the House of Aboriginal Art Galerie Brit's Art & Promotion2Aboriginality, an institution that seeks to comply with the copyright rights of indigenous artists in Australia.

Since November 2004 we are representative of the oldest Australian auction house Lawson-Menzies in Sydney for the area Aboriginal Art. We have many years of experience in Aboriginal Art and can look back on successful projects and cooperation with government institutions as well as industry and private organizations

Telephone: +61 3 9717 3710
Email: brit@brits-art.com



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